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Everything you need in one place

Vegan alternatives & substitutes 



Nutrition table visible alongside each vegan item 

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Full list of item ingredients 



See all item prices, from lowest to highest

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Where to buy

List of stores where you can buy each item

Why use How2 Vegan ?

I wanted a tool to help make life on a plant base diet simpler, easy and more straightforward, so this great experience for our body and planet is filled with less compromising and struggle, and instead more options, variety and enjoyment. 

The second reason, is to offer a simple tool, which is quick and easy to use. Somewhere you can easily access, gather the relevant information such: ingredients, nutrition, price and where to buy; one click away from the source site, all in one place. A tool anyone can use to help make those tough decisions clearer; such as which is the best dairy free milk option and where to find and buy it the cheapest. 

And Finally as a vegan myself, I wanted to create something I would want to use daily. A tool that consumes little time for the user and in return make everyday life much easier. It was important to me that this site was free for everyone and also not be a minefield filled with adverts and pop-ups around every corner. I wanted to create a tool that was clean; to quickly and effectively help you with what you need, before getting on with the rest of your day.



I love being healthy in all aspects and through this I became a vegan. I didn’t give the switch over from my usual diet of animal sourced foods, along with a decent amount of fruits & vegetables much planning. To be honest this was quite a spontaneous notion, as a result left me with little knowledge of what options, there were to choose from in regard to replacing the usual; such as milk, cheese or meat alternatives to name a few.

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